Request Services

Emergency  Call  911 

Request Service, Contact:

Nathan Justice - 304-373-4134 

Stephanie Justice - 304-373-3770 

Todd Bacchus - 304-421-4252

 Our organization is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for assistance.

 Per state standards we require request for assistance to come from the agency in charge of a search. This is generally the law enforcement agency involved however it may be the fire department, county Office of Emergency Management, or Department of Natural Resources. 

 We will not self deploy, meaning we will not just show up on a search scene. We can not accept request for assistance from family members to respond to a search. Please have the appropriate agency involved contact us directly.

 Our organization will act as an aid to the agency in charge of a search by providing personnel, canine teams, drone operators, our command trailer, and other applicable resources we might have. Please see our services page for the resources we can offer. 

 During  initial contact we will collect information needed to help us quickly determine what resources we need to deploy and begin our response. 

 If you are in need of assistance on a cold case involving a missing person and are requesting our Human Remains Detection Canines (Cadaver Dogs), please contact Nathan Justice Directly at (304) 373-4134 to discuss details. These requests must also be done by the law enforcement agency in charge of the case.