Become a Volunteer

Are you looking to become a volunteer with a SAR Organization? K9 Search and Rescue Services of West Virginia Inc. may be a fit for you. We have many jobs available at various skill levels. We do most of our training inhouse or we invite trainers to come in to teach a diverse set of skills. If you would like to join K9sarserviceswv, we ask that you reach out to us for information about the process of becoming a volunteer. No, you are not required to have a canine to join. We have an array of jobs that needs individuals, that does not require you to have a canine.  

Our Organization is constantly training. Not only in canine disciplines, but in classroom settings and other skills that requires field training. Our volunteers put in thousands of hours each year to ensure we have the skill to search for missing individuals as well as rescue those individuals if need be. All of our volunteer much check off a list of classes before becoming field operational. Even once the list has been checked off the training does not end there. We require these skills to be taught and learned annually. Our volunteers are also encouraged to attend seminars outside of our organization. These seminars/classes are not cheap and with most classes you will have to travel many miles and stay several days. Skills learned are crucial skills and we take them very seriously. Below is a list of required classes to become field operational. If this sounds like something you are interested in, contact us.  

Junior Volunteers Program

Do you have a child or young adult between ages 11-17 that is interested in Search and Rescue? In September of 2020 we started our Junior Volunteer Group. This group allows these juniors to get involved in SAR. The Junior Volunteer Program introduces the junior to all things SAR, including all the classroom and field activities we would take: Search and Rescue Operations, Incident Command, Land Navigation, Map and Compass, Orienteering, Radio Communications, Equipment and Survival, First Aid, Clue Awareness, Ropes/Knots, Scent Theory, and Working and Training SAR K9's. If your child or young adult is interested in learning about the aspects of search and rescue volunteering and all that comes along with it. Contact us to receive more information and a schedule of our training days and locations. Email all requests to