Our Partners 

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® creates dynamic partnerships that provide vital in-kind, programmatic and financial support to our organization. We rely on our partners as we craft crucial prevention and safety programming and provide services and support to families, the public, law enforcement, and other professionals to help recover missing children, reduce child sexual exploitation, and prevent future victimization. These partnerships have dramatically enriched our efforts and enhanced our results. The stronger they become, the more progress we make in protecting our nation's children. 

The Fetch Foundation is dedicated to saving lives in the animal and human communities through innovative strategies and unique programs that support, equip, and train first responders. We accomplish this mission by providing the life saving tools in The FIDO BAG® that is used by first responders to provide life saving intervention to family pets that are caught in a fire or other emergency situations. We want to see every fire truck and emergency vehicle in our nation equipped with a FIDO BAG®. We also work closely with other rescue organizations and shelters to identify dogs that have the potential to be trained to become Search and Service dogs or Therapy dogs for veterans or people with disabilities.The Fetch Foundation was formed as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in February of 2010 in order to provide a safe place for homeless dogs that were neglected or abused.  While networking with other rescue organizations and shelters, founder Marie Peck realized these K9(s) could have a career!  By connecting the right dog with a veteran in need of companionship, these K9(s) would serve a purpose beyond what anyone imagined.  About the same time, Peck’s association with the fire department spawned the idea of saving a pet’s life with very specialized tools which became The FIDO BAG®.   Peck decided that she would offer the FIDO BAG®s to first responders across the US and invite the community members to support their fire stations and be a community hero!! 

Astute trainers with proper training tools are the key to unleashing your dog’s potential. For over 30 years, Dogtra has collaborated with industry professionals to create class-leading tools for e-collar training, GPS tracking, and ball training to support dog owners in developing top-notch dogs. Trusted by professional dog trainers, K-9 officers, and hunters, Dogtra enhances your training journey with durable training products, equipped with patented accurate and intuitive control, to ensure the best experience. To use our discount code on your next purchase with Dogtra, use code K9SARSWV5