Our Services

Certified K9's

We offer Certified canines in three disciplines. Two of them are Scent Discriminate meaning they will only search for the person we give a scent article of. We train in heavy traffic areas such as public parks and State Parks, where there is a large presence of the general public. To insure that our canines are not effected or distracted by other human scent. This allows us to focus on just the missing individual and no one else. The two disciplines  are Area AirScent and Trailing. The third discipline we have is HRD(Human Remains Detection) also called Cadaver Dogs. These K9's detect the scent of human decomposition on land or in water. Our canines are tested using standards adopted from NASAR and we have a third party Law Enforcement K9 Officer that evaluates our canines. This evaluation not only tests the canines ability, but the Handlers and how well they work as a team. We can proved copies of certifications, and references upon request.   

Certified SAR Volunteers 

Our Volunteers go through extensive training in SAR. Thousands of hours are spent in classroom/zoom settings learning the latest SAR techniques. This insures that our volunteers are the best we can be so we can provide the best service we possibly can. Our Organization has a list of classes/courses that each volunteer must complete to become operational. We have volunteers that are certified in search management, as well as SarTech II, certified in rope rescue operations, and swift water rescue operations. We have several members that are EMT/Paramedics as well as those certified in Wilderness First Aid. Our volunteers have be trained to conduct ground searches as well.     

Article Search

We have been training our canines to locate articles as well. They will be scent discriminate to the missing person. Finding articles is a very crucial clue in finding the individual that is missing. Clues help tell a story and also lays out a trail of where the missing person has traveled or took breaks. We have been training our canines to give an indication to any article that has the missing persons scent on it. 

Drone Searching

We have volunteers on our team that are FAA Part 107 Drone Pilots. We are able to use drones to fly over scenes to do hasty searches. We also use drones to help look for hazards that our K9's and searchers may encounter in the search area. At this time we are grant writing for a Thermal Drone and will soon be able to offer this services as well.  

Off Road Vehicles

Our organization has the ability to assist in searches using off road vehicles. This allows our searchers to get into areas that are not easily accessible. It also allows us the opportunity to help extract missing individuals . The off road vehicles also allows us to transport searchers to sectors that may need searched or Firefighters/Law Enforcement Officers to locations that may be hard to access with a full size vehicle.  

Mobile Command Trailer

Our organization can provide a mobile command trailer for a search. The mobile command trailer is equipped with the latest technology of mapping software using CALTopo. The mobile command trailer can assist in helping organize a search and put together tasks to help ensure the safety of searchers and canine teams to locate the missing individual quickly and effectively. The mobile command trailer can help ensure that we search the entire area leaving nothing un-searched. The mobile command trailer is also equipped with the ability to communicate with searchers by means of GMRS and VHF/UHF radio frequencies. The Trailer can even live track not only the searchers, but the canines as well. If you need a mobile command trailer contact us.   

Rope Rescue Support

We have many volunteers on our team that are Rope Rescue Operational. This allows us to not only search for missing individuals, but also rescue them. We are able to support Fire Departments in extracting the missing individual(s). We are also all Wilderness First Aid trained and Certified or EMT/Paramedics to help treat until we are able to get the subject to EMS for more extensive treatment.  

Swift Water Rescue Support

We have Volunteers on our team that are Swift Water Rescue Operational. This allows us to support the Fire/Rescue in rescuing individuals from water situations. Whether that be flooding or boating accidents. 

Hug-A-Tree and Survive Presentations

Hug -A- Tree was created by Ab Taylor in 1981, inspired by a search for nine year old Jimmy Beveridge. It's designed to teach children how to survive in the woods if they become lost. It's aimed toward children 5-12 years of age, but can be modified for those slightly older. Our volunteers can book this presentation in your School, Homeschool, 4-H group, Scouts, Church, Youth Groups and more. Call us today to book this presentation.   

Search and Rescue Presentations 

Our Search and Rescue Presentation is design to inform about the basic duties of a Search and Rescue team. We will discuss what SAR is, what SAR can offer, and how our team is deployed. This presentation will offer insight on how most SAR teams operate and the training it takes to be a SAR team. This is great for Fire Departments and Law Enforcement. We can also offer this presentation to students as well. If you are interested in this presentation call us to book.  

Public Relations Events 

Our Team is always willing to set up a booth at events to discuss SAR with the general public. We can set up most anywhere and for any kind of event. We offer discussions about our organization and we will have K9's on hand for everyone to interact with. If you are going to have an event that you would like our organization to set up at, call us to book. 

Search & Rescue Awareness and Operations Instructors 

Nathan and Stephanie Justice are vendors with West Virginia Emergency Management Division as instructors. They can teach Search and Rescue Awareness and Operations to your organization which includes Fire Schools through out the state of West Virginia. This course is two days and 18 hours. First day will be Search and Rescue Awareness as a classroom setting. Discussions will include: Search is an Emergency, Activating the Search, If you are first on scene, Basic Search Theory, Search Tactics, Interviewing, Search teams in the field, Runaways and Abducted persons, Logs, and Developing a search capability in your team. On day two, Operations we will go out into the field for a mock search. Where the students will use things they learnt in day one. Students will have hands-on experience from the initial call out, setting up the command trailer, running the scene, to debriefing the teams. This is a full 18 hour course that will insure the students will know and understand Search and Rescue to being able to setup and run a search. If you would like to book one of these contact us.