K9 Search & Rescue Services of West Virginia Inc.

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K9 Team

K9 Ready Radar

Air Scent(fully cert)
K9 Ready is handled by Stephanie Justice of Spencer, WV

K9 Bonnie

Air Scent(fully cert)/H.R.D (in training)
K9 Bonnie is handled by Todd Bacchus of St. Albans, WV.

K9 Raider

Trailing (level IV cert)
K9 Raider is handled by Shannon May of Clover,WV.

K9 Pyro

H.R.D (in Training)
K9 Pyro is handled by Jake May of Clover, WV.

K9 Thor

Air Scent (in training)
K9 Thor is handled by Stephanie Blake of Clover, WV.

K9 Charlee

H.R.D (land cert)
K9 Charlee is handled by Nathan Justice of Spencer,WV

K9 Remi

Trailing(fully cert)
K9 Remi is handled by Jared Chaney of North Lawrence,OH

K9 Ichabod

K9 Ichabod is handled by Jared Chaney of North Lawrence,OH

K9 Ace

Trailing(fully cert)
K9 Ace is handed by Laurie Swain of Seneca Rocks, WV

K9 Delta

Air Scent(in training)
K9 Delta is handed by one of our JR Members, Kayden Justice of Spencer, WV

K9 Willow

Air Scent(Training)
K9 Willow is handled by Justin Withrow of
Pinch, WV

K9 Zulu

Air Scent(puppy training)
K9 Zulu is handled by
Stephanie Justice of
Spencer, WV

K9 Luna

Air Scent(Training)
K9 Luna is handled by Daniel and Paisley Stewart of Frame,WV

K9 Raven

Air Scent(training)
K9 Diesel is handled by Elizabeth McCune of Spencer,WV

K9 Gem

Air Scent(training)
K9 Gem is handled by Jordyn Long of Spencer,WV

K9 Cash

HRD (training)
K9 Cash is handled by Kayla Williams of Cross Lanes, WV

K9 Codie

K9 Codie is handled by Hannah Ross of Spencer,WV

K9 Donner

K9 Donner is handled by Sandra Broderick of Point Pleasant, WV

K9 Theo

K9 Theo is handled by Chas Carr of Parkersburg, WV

K9 Maggie

K9 Maggie is handled by Ronnie Taylor of Spencer, WV